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Apr 22, 2009

There are days when it seems like my job is Head of HR instead of Chief Internet Strategist. Trellon is hiring developers and project managers again. Check out our jobs page to see the open positions. If you have previously applied with us, please feel free to apply again.

There are a few reasons why we are hiring you may want to know about.

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Apr 20, 2009

The adoption of CiviCRM in the past couple of years has boomed, and as of late we have taken on some rather large implementations of the CRM system for advocacy and international development organizations. The CiviCRM community has been lacking local user groups to support developers, administrators and persons interested in learning more about the platform. In response to this need, we have decided to start the first Washington DC CiviCRM Meetup group.

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Apr 08, 2009

The Berkeley Drupal User Group's March meeting was a week and a half ago, but I'm still thinking about it, and now, in the "better late than never" spirit, I'm writing about it.

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Apr 08, 2009

Come meet with members of our team in Manhattan. Trellon is going to be at the New York Drupal Meetup tonight, April 8, 2009. On the agenda for this evening is a Drupalcon DC wrapup, information about IRC bots, and a chance to socialize with other Drupal developers.

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Apr 07, 2009

In just over a week I will be presenting at the Calgary Open Source Systems Festival (COSSFEST) on how to create Web 2.0 websites using Drupal. COSSFEST is a two day event featuring multiple speaking tracks and workshops demonstrating the use of Open Source to lower costs, and increase the capabilities and competitiveness of your business. Beginning in 2006 as an effort by the Calgary Linux Users Group and was called the "Calgary LinuxFest 2006".

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Apr 05, 2009

Tomorrow I will be doing a presentation at the Washington DC Drupal Meetup on the Interface module and what it means for improved usability in Drupal. If you have not heard of this project we have been working on yet, you can read Michael's recent blog posts and view the screencast demo. If you are interested in learning more, come on out and see the demonstration.

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Feb 10, 2009

Hello friends, I come bearing great news!

Trellon is looking to hire some new developers and project managers in the very near future, and we wanted you to be the first to know.

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Jan 29, 2009

I read this article that predicted the decline of Facebook a little while ago, and I've found myself thinking about not only the future of Facebook, but the future of social networking in general.

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Jan 21, 2009

This post continues our mini-series on web strategies for Higher Education and Drupal. Last time, I reviewed 7 Suggestions for New Drupal Users in Higher Education, so this time I have 11 smaller scale improvements that Drupal users in higher education can deploy to get even more from their sites.

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Jan 20, 2009

We've been talking to a lot of universities about using Drupal to power some of their websites, and we've learned a lot of about the kinds of challenges and specific needs that Universities and Colleges have on the web. As we've been developing specific strategies for these clients, we've also noticed several overarching themes. So rather than keep this to ourselves, we thought we'd share some of these observations in the forum of suggestions for universities that are considering Drupal.

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Jan 12, 2009

Shai Sachs over at MyDD posted a interesting article on the use of Drupal as an alternative community blogging platform to Soapblox. Soapblox, a community blogging platform popular among progressive bloggers, has had some issues recently, there have been ongoing financial concerns, and the platform was recently hacked. This has raised a red flag for many progressive bloggers about the prolonged sustainability of the platform.

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Nov 20, 2008

Trellon seems to be facing more and more projects where our customers need to make a decision on which content management system to use for their web properties. We work with open source technologies and have vast Drupal expertise so we can assist with the decision to use Drupal as the underlying content management system for Web properties vs. a proprietary program. Here we will lay out the pros and cons of each so that you, the reader will have a better understanding of the optimal direction for your firm.

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Oct 31, 2008

One of Trellon's current projects is a site called "Untamed Science," which is designed to be a reference, accessible and useful to all ages, on subjects related to biology and ecology. While the site is still in progress, we wanted to break in and talk about the way we're using the Taxonomy module to organize content on the site.

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Oct 21, 2008

Drupalcamp Chicago is coming up this weekend, October 24 & 25 at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Over 140 Drupal programmers and themers are going to be holding sessions on Drupal topics ranging from getting started with the platform to advanced Drupal 6 techniques with new modules. There are going to be some heavyweights in attendance - the registration list includes eaton, KarenS, Matt Butcher, and other big names in the Drupal community.

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Oct 01, 2008

Hello Trellon friends!

I'm Sam Kleinman, the new Trellon blogger that Michael Haggerty mentioned in his post earlier last week, and I wanted to introduce myself before I got into the real swing of things.