AbleOrganizer Presentation from Drupalcon Austin

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As Trellon gets ready for a new release of AbleOrganizer this week, I wanted to share this video from Drupalcon Austin.

AbleOrganizer is a Drupal distribution that works as a community organizing platform. With it, you can collect information about contacts, activities and relationships. It comes with a number of optional features for handling fundraising, events, petitions and volunteer activities. Like other Drupal distributions, AbleOrganizer is open source and free to download from

During this talk, I covered a number of topics related to how AbleOrganizer works and what kinds of tools are available under the hood. I go into some details about how the system empowers organizations to see the information that is most important to them using the tools people already know how to use in Drupal. I also give some details on the difference between data driven and data informed campaigns, and why it's important to recognize the difference.

During the talk, I address a number of questions that are important to understand about the platform. Some of the big ones include:

  • How do the custom forms integrate with the content management system?
  • How do you manage content records?
  • What kinds of reports are available out of the box?
  • How can I build campaigns around AbleOrganizer?
  • How do I handle deduplication and contact matching?

Please forgive the slight Texas accent. Austin was charming and the local dialect was starting to wear off on me.