All's Quiet on Trellon's Blog

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There's been relative quiet on the Trellon blog for the past few weeks, in part because we have been so busy. I guess it goes with along the game, but something that always gets to me is the idea that our little social media firm has to hunker down so much when proposals, travel, taxes, and the administrivia of running a company take precedence over other aspects of the company's operations. It happens every year at the end of August, when I find myself up late night after night, staring down the endless series of tasks that creep up as the summer winds down and wondering when I am going to get back to the more interesting things like blogging, Drupalcons, and seeing the sun in real life.

Time for things to change. Trellon is doing some hiring, and we are being a little more strategic about it than we have been in the past. We are looking for lead developers to join our elite development team, we have some fairly interesting projects on tap. They are so interesting, in fact, it actually has me a little sad that I am not going to be writing any code for them myself. We need to hire 3 developers in the next 30 days. Trellon places a lot of emphasis on team cohesion, and something the job announcement doesn't say is 'serious consideration will be granted to applicants with a demonstrated ability to get along with guys like Morbus'.

We are also looking to round out our leadership team with the addition of a number of Internet Strategists (job description here). We recently picked up on the idea that, while we have some smart Drupal hackers on staff who can get things done on time and on budget, people really like to talk to Trellon because we can articulate superior social media and web 2.0 strategy and put together the plan to ensure thoughtful, measurable outcomes tailored to their organization. In point of fact, it's been a small part of the company that has been doing much of the articulating for a while now, and it's a large part of the reason my christmas card list now consists primarily of a worldwide network of travellers I met at hotels in Manhattan, Boston, SF and LA.

Job descriptions can be so impersonal. Ideally, we want to find people who are writers and can tell a story about developing a social media strategy. We want to find people who know all about the strategy and tactics used by the organizations we care about and can tell people how and why they would want to use them. It helps if someone knows a thing or two about programming, but that's really not what this position is all about.

Know anyone who sounds like this? Send them our way. And keep an eye on this blog, we will return to normal operations after I finish this other thing I need to do...

Oh BTW we just hired a blogger who starts today. I will leave it to him to introduce himself, but I would be very interested if anyone has some feedback.