CRM Core Donation - Creating Online Donation Forms in Drupal

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Last week, we rolled out the first major feature for CRM Core, called CRM Core Donation. It's available for download now from You can also download an install profile with CRM Core Donation pre-configured, along with sample forms and data to play around with. This is exciting news. The promise of CRM Core has always been to have small, useful applications that extend it's basic functionality in interesting ways. Executing on that vision has taken a lot of work, but it's yielding some great results in terms of new ways to work with information about people in Drupal. We now have a video explaining the basics of setting up online donation functionality in your Drupal website.

This video is part of a series, and demonstrates how to set up online donation forms with CRM Core Donation and use them within donation pages to interact with contacts. Here's a run down of the specific topics covered: 0:42 - where to download CRM Core Donation 1:31 - discussion about the relationship between forms and donation pages 3:07 - creating a new online donation form 4:10 - configuring a donation activity record in a profile form 5:04 - adding commerce items to a profile form 6:40 - adding default values to a profile form 7:59 - token support in profile forms 8:45 - configuring basic settings for a profile form 10:00 - configuring integration between a profile form and Drupal Commerce 11:16 - configuring amount fields in a profile form 12:07 - configuring payment processors in a profile form 12:30 - configuring name and billing address information in a profile form 14:11 - building a new donation page, associating it with a profile form 16:00 - demonstration of a fully configured donation page 18:02 - explanation of a donation record (used to track donations after they have been submitted)

What's Next

CRM Core Donation is designed to act as a fundraising management system. We are shooting some additional videos that go into the details of how to make it do much more than simply generate donation pages. The next video will cover administering CRM Core Donation, covering topics like setting up personalized HTML emails, working with multiple payment gateways, recording offline donations, source tracking, duplicate matching and turning donors into users. After that, the next release is a video explaining the reports in CRM Core Donation, how to customize them to the specific needs of your organization, and how to author your own reports about donation activity.