CRM Core: First Stable Release is Live

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Today marks the first official, stable release for CRM Core.

Many thanks to all the people who helped test and shared ideas to bring together a stable release, this would not have been possible without all the support and feedback from the community.

Our team is really proud of the work that has gone into CRM Core, and we look at this release as a big step towards introducing native contact relationship management features to Drupal websites. CRM Core allows site builders to build strong, reliable systems for managing contacts, activities and relationships within Drupal. It is built to integrate with major components in Drupal websites, allowing developers to work with familiar controls and techniques for building out advanced systems for creating relationships.

You can check out a copy of the module on

Over the next few months, additional features will be introduced that expand the capabilities already in the system. More specifics about the new features will become available the closer we get to Drupalcon Portland, where Trellon plans to unveil a very interesting installation profile built on CRM Core that showcases what it can do.

The new release is tagged 7.x-0.91. To explain the versioning: 0.9 is the first stable release. Major improvements have been made to the UI, the business logic, and the out-of-the-box experience for new users running existing Drupal websites. There are some other features included in development releases of the module that need more testing before they can be considered stable. These components are considered essential components for a feature-complete module, and will be added back in as part of the 7.1 release.

You can read all about it in the release notes, which follow at the end of this message.

Some other things you might want to be aware of:

  • The documentation for CRM Core is undergoing a major upgrade. The focus of the documentation is on the setup and administration of a Drupal website using CRM Core. It should be useful for anyone looking to test the out of the box experience, and answers a lot of questions that have been coming up in the issue queue.
  • The development branch does contain a number of interesting things we are actively working on. If you are interested in case management, uniform rules for contact matching, or organic groups integration, you might want to take a look there.
  • The issue queue is being cleaned out. The developers are being pretty aggressive in closing tickets, since the stable release addresses a number of functional and conceptual issues that were hard to diagnose with development releases. If there is some big issue you have been waiting on, you might want to check the official release first to see if it is still an issue rather than waiting for an update to a ticket.

Here's a copy of the release notes, which explain what to look for in 0.9 releases.

This release includes a number of improvements over development releases that address issues with the default user experience, business logic, appearance of UI elements, and code stability. Several modules contained in development releases have been removed from this release, and can still be accessed within the development branch.

New features

  • Addition of settings screen, with options for controlling the theme, primary links, and contact info for linked user accounts.
  • Addition of user matching screen, for linking user accounts to contacts.
  • Addition of inactive relationships screen.
  • Addition of navigational menu for CRM Core, and creation of CRM Core Admin menu.
  • Addition of CRM Core Report.
  • Implementation of theming functions and code hinting for all CRM Core entities.

Removed from this release:

The following modules, which exist in previous development releases, were removed from this release:

  • CRM OG Sync
  • CRM Core Case
  • CRM Core Match
  • CRM Core Default Matching Engine

These modules still exist in development versions, they are just not considered stable.

These modules will be supported in future official releases of CRM Core. You can find them the --development branch.

Other commits:

  • Implemented consistent path schemes for all CRM Core entities.
  • Implemented consistent breadcrumb structure for all CRM Core entities.
  • Removed the default image field for contacts.
  • Removed default contact fields from the user edit form.
  • Corrected bugs with bi-directional relationships.
  • Modified appearance of various screens for adding CRM Core entities to ensure there is a uniform appearance.
  • Modified various page titles for compliance with Drupal standards.
  • Modified no results text on contacts, activities and relationship pages.
  • Added action links for adding CRM Core entities.
  • Added operations columns to screens for displaying CRM Core entities.
  • Modified links for adding new contacts.
  • Added reset buttons and other UI controls for various filters throughout the system.
  • Improved UI for user synchronization.
  • Enhanced user synchronization options - system now allows for weighted rules matching.
  • Enhanced user synchronization options - system now allows for batch processing of user accounts.
  • Enhanced sync form to only display users / contacts with no match.
  • Improved dashboard handling - removed default text.
  • Improved dashboard handling - added UI for configuring dashboard.
  • Improved dashboard handling - added controls to remove links to dashboard when it is not present in the system.
  • Removed unnecessary CSS throughout system.
  • Adjusted paths for adding entities within the dashboard.
  • Business logic - CRM Core now allows contacts to be removed from activities.
  • Business logic - CRM Core now allows multiple contacts to be added to activities.
  • Business logic - UI now displays information about contacts when viewing an activity.
  • Business logic - UI now displays participant names as links to contact records.
  • Business logic - streamlined process for deleting relationships.
  • Dependencies - removed unnecessary dependencies.
  • Template files - removed duplicate template files, added theme hinting.