Drupalcon Paris - Getting Results in Publishing

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Greetings from Drupalcon Paris!

Today, September 4, 2009, from 2:30 to 3:30, Trellon will be presenting a session with Gary Love of Hearst Digitial News to talk about 29-95.com. This web site is an interesting example of what you can do with Drupal in publishing, and we are going to be providing a case study of how it came together, the technology behind it, and some of the business challenges the Houston Chronicle faced in conceptualizing and deploying the site. You can expect to receive slides and notes from the session on trellon.com afterwards. Michael Haggerty, Trellon's CEO and Chief Internet Strategist, and Marc Ingram, Trellon's Technical Lead, will be speaking along with Gary as part of the session.

As a consulting firm that seeks to partner with our clients on their online strategy as well as providing technology solutions, we occassionally invite them to come with us to events like Drupalcon to talk about their experiences working with the platform. We had the opportunity to work with Gary's team to assist in addressing some strategic technology challenges, and also to help them build the specific internal competencies necessary to support an open source platform in a sustainable way. This project is notable not just for the site that came out of it but also for how our teams were able to work together transparently to share knowledge on best practices for development and server administration.

This session should be interesting for anyone interested in using Drupal to power a social media site, the organizational planning and decision making process that goes into the development of the platform, best practices for building internal capacities with clients, and tackling scalablility and performance issues. We look forward to seeing you there!