With Great Drupal Skills Come Great Responsibility

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You've been working with Drupal since 4.x. You've attained a mastery of modules, a command of caching, and you build themes that make Chuck Norris weep openly. Now what?

We're giving a presentation about this question in the Drupalcon Sponsor's Corner this year. Think of it as the Trellon "now what?" session, where we help you answer that question.

You see, the ability to create compelling, powerful websites translates into real world power. A great web presence can mean the difference between a successful venture and a failure. This means that everyone wants an innovative site, and you're the person with the power to make them. This is a pretty awesome position. You have real power.

So, what do you do with your power?

At Trellon, we take this question very seriously. When you build sites for clients, you are helping them advance their agendas. By giving them the power to change the world, you are doing it yourself. Do you give this power away to anyone who comes knocking?

We don't.

We want to use our power for good.

We work with organizations that improve the world around them. We spend our days working for organizations like PATH, Echoing Green, Earth Day, the South Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service, the Jane Goodall Institute, and Clean Water Action. We know that our efforts are going to improve public health across the world, help millions of people secure marriage equality, and improve the Internet. We work for causes we believe in. When we say we help organizations leverage the Internet to work wonders, we really mean it.

So we're giving this presentation. Most shops use their sponsor session as an opportunity to push themselves as the biggest, baddest Drupal shop in town. That's tempting, but it's not really our style. Instead, we're going to use our session time to talk about our clients and the amazing things that we help them accomplish with Drupal. Mozilla, Johns Hopkins, Mass Equality, the Jane Goodall Institute - Drupal has helped these organizations and others make a positive difference in the world. Come by and meet some of our awesome clients. Be inspired by the positive impact they are having on the world around them. Learn how to use your powers for good.

Want to see the way we're changing lives with Drupal? We'll be in rooms 236 to 238 in the East Mezzanine at 3pm on Wednesday, April 21. Come and see us there. You can reserve a spot by commenting here or by visiting us at Drupalcon (booth p8). We won't turn away drop-ins, of course, but it's nice to have an idea of who's coming.

We'll see you there! In the meantime, consider the impact that your Drupal skills could have upon the world.