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Hello Trellon friends!

I'm Sam Kleinman, the new Trellon blogger that Michael Haggerty mentioned in his post earlier last week, and I wanted to introduce myself before I got into the real swing of things.

I've been a (we(b)logger) for a long time, so long that, blogging tools, if they existed were almost always written in perl. It's interesting to think that wasn't even ten years ago. Who would have thought that we would come so far so quickly? I'm prone to taking the historical perspective, and I think framing current practices and technologies in a historical context makes them easier to conceptualize, and easier to innovate upon.

So needless to say, I'm not much of a programmer or a software developer. I studied Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies in college, which is mostly irrelevant except that I think it lead me to my interest in how people use computers--work flow and human factors/ergonomics--and how developers collaborate to build cool things, like Drupal, linux, git, awesome, and Mutt and others. And like many cerebral folks who've been blogging for years with an eccentric array of specialized interests, I write a lot. A whole lot.

So that is what I'm going to be doing here, among other things, at Trellon: Writing a lot about the kinds of things we do, the projects that we're working on, the tools we use, and of course about open source web development. I think blog posts work best when two things are true: one, they're short--we're busy people and there is a lot of content out that that demands our time--and two they outline an idea and ask a question. Because in the end this whole "blog" thing, indeed this whole "internet thing" is more about the conversations that happen in the hours and days after I hit "post," and less about what I say beforehand.

Having said that, I'll do my best to be interesting and enlightening. But I'd love to hear what brings you here and what kinds of issues and ideas have your interest.

We'll be in touch!