Introducing the Redesigned

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Trellon's new website is now live. 

Sure is funny to think how time changes things. The last time we redesigned our website in 2009, desktop widgets / gadgets were a thing, Drupal 6 was just becoming stable enough for everyday use, and we had been debating whether to make a mobile version of the site (and decided not to, because 90% of people back then were not using mobile phones to browse the web.) The Internet is a very different place these days, and it's been time for a redesign for a while now.

The new site is a good example of our work, and shows off a few new design techniques. Among the things that stand out: 

  • The new site is fully responsive and works well across a range of devices. It works equally well on a range of devices, but actually looks / works best on smartphones.
  • SVGs are being used for most of the images, with fallback to PNGs for browsers that don't support them. This gives us crisp, sharp images that look great on retina displays.
  • The theme is built using Sass + Compass + Zen, with the markup organized around SMACSS principles. This let us do some pretty complicated things without themers getting in each other's way.
  • CSS transformations and animations are in place for some of the key areas of the UI. The transitions that come with resizing the screen are a lot less abrupt than they could be.
  • All of the images are adaptive and dynamically resize to the dimensions of the browser.
  • We incorporated a fair amount of jQuery into the new site to handle breakpoints, positions on pages, animations, carousels, and more. 
  • Sectioned off the blog into several blogs, to give each section more focus. We're going to be talking about Drupal stuff, CRM Core stuff and News and Information separately from now on.
  • Turned the About Us page into a playground with lots of nice things people can click on. Go look at it.
  • We started catching up on a backlog of about 3 years of case studies. Having a lot of 'how the *&%!# did we do that' moments looking over all the amazing work.
  • We made heavy use of the Search API to create More Like This features, and tweaked the indexes so they actually show content that is related.

Incredibly proud of what the team produced and stoked about how everyone came together to pull this off. Let us know what you think in the comments.