Teleport 1.0 Released

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I've just released version 1.0 of the Teleport module. Teleport is "QuickSilver for Drupal", but if you don't know what QuickSilver is, that's not going to tell you much. Basically, Teleport lets you quickly jump to a page on your Drupal site by typing in part of the path or the title. It saves me a ton of time when jumping around to administration pages that are nested two or three levels deep. See an example in the screencast.

Since the beta release, I've fixed a few bugs and added the ability to search path aliases. I thought that searching paths was important enough that it had to be included in a 1.0 release.Besides adding more types of stuff to the catalog (modules, users, views), I've got some ideas I'd like to explore now that the basic module is out the door.

  • Actions. Drupal has two systems that tell you what you can do with a given chunk of data: the local task tabs, and the Actions interface in Drupal 6. Integrating task tabs with Teleport will mean that, after you've selected a node to jump to, you can choose whether to jump to its View page or one of its other tabs. Integrating the actions module may mean that you can carry out actions right there in the Teleport dialog. I'm still thinking about how this is going to work, but man do I love the idea of a GUI command-line for Drupal.
  • Integration with drush. The drush module has already implemented a structure for the types of sysadmin tasks that I want to use Teleport for. I wonder if Teleport can work as a GUI interface to drush, in much the same way that Linux applications are frequently front-ends to command-line utilities.
  • UI improvements. The Teleport dialog has a long way to go in terms of ranking results, minimizing keystrokes and reducing latency.
  • Automated testing. The searching and sorting functions in Teleport are prime targets for some SimpleTest goodness. Unit tests can make sure that the correct results are returned in the proper order, and can tell me when bugfixes in one part of the code spawn bugs in other parts. I want to write tests for bugs that get filed, so that once they're fixed, they stay that way.

Since I'm done with school now, and will be working on Drupal full time with Trellon, progress on these ideas should come pretty fast. It goes without saying in this open-source world of ours, but suggestions and help are welcome!