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Jane Goodall Institute

Organizational Website Design Update
The Jane Goodall Institute is a leading voice in the international dialogue around conservation, man’s ecological impact and biodiversity. Over time, we have worked together to manage their website through several iterations. They came to Trellon seeking a site redesign, and we created a beautiful, engaging site that tastefully reflects the work of the organization.

Originally, Trellon and JGI worked together to create a platform for managing their website that includes integrated tool for conducting online fundraising. Over time, the original design grew stale, and our team worked with JGI to construct a new look and feel that better represented who they are as an organization.


Part of the challenge of working with JGI is maintaining systems that are vertically integrated throughout the organization, respecting a variety of communications, fundraising and membership goals. The systems we work on for them need to maintain integrated membership, donation, and volunteer records that span a variety of systems. They also need to be able to effectively showcase the work of the organization in a manner that reflects their status as a premiere non-profit organization, lending credibility to their efforts in various parts of the world.

Another major challenge is maintaining the community of volunteers through systems that are appropriate for their demographics and the nature of their work. Identifying who is getting involved with the organization and the right way to appeal to them is a major component of JGI’s digital success. The solutions we have delivered need to be age appropriate, but also tailored to unique interests in self-organization and local philanthropy appropriate for capturing the spirit of community service.


Trellon has provided strategy, design, brand management, information architecture, data integration, development, and training and support services as part of our ongoing engagement with JGI. Our work is focused on maintaining their brand through the use of innovative systems for education and engagement.

The JGI organizational website has undergone 3 major revisions in the time we have been working together. It features tools for building online membership, fundraising, online activism and more as part of the portal. More impressively, it integrates 3 separate CRM systems together as part of a unified database of supporters, allowing the organization to understand their audience in new and interesting ways.
The Roots and Shoots portal is an example of how to bring in supporters and engage with online audiences. It allows people to self-organize into cohorts for carrying out public service efforts in their community. The site features tools for students to organize in their school, as well as membership tools allowing organizers to bring together groups of people in their community.

Both sites together serve as fundraising tools for JGI, generating significant amounts of the organization’s annual operating budget.