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Leaping Bunny

Website and Certification Management System

Leaping Bunny provides trustworthy certification for cruelty-free products that helps consumers make animal friendly choices.

They needed a system to make the certification process more efficient. This system had to allow manufacturers to self-manage details about supply chains, while also providing a public website for promoting companies and products that had received the certification.

Commercial systems that do this don't exist. We used Drupal and CRM Core to create a portal that streamlines the process.


How do you collect data on a worldwide set of manufacturers? The process had been manual, where auditors would collect and verify information through email, fax and onsite visits. The new system needed to turn this around by collecting data in a single, self-service portal.

While it was good to collect information about manufacturers using the certification, it would be even better to collect information on their providers to ensure the entire supply chain is animal friendly. The new system needed to be intelligent and understand the relationships between suppliers and manufacturers.

Finally, Leaping Bunny certification is something to be proud of. The new system needed to have a public facing website to promote the brands and manufacturers who participate. It needed to provide them with opportunities to promote their products and build awareness to encourage continuous participation.


Trellon used Drupal to create the portal as a mobile-friendly, responsive website.

The site uses CRM Core for automating the registration / verification process. Each company has a contact record with a complete 360-degree history showing every application, approval, form submission and the like. This company record details all interactions with the company, and also displays relationships with suppliers, brands and more.

CRM Core also serves to create forms companies use to keep their information up-to-date. The application process is comprehensive and requires attestations from company officers which need to be collected before a company is ready for review. CRM Core provides the review pipeline for taking companies through different stages of the review process and ensuring details are accurate and complete at all times.

Brands and brand information are searchable on the frontend, and content can be exported by site administrators to create shopping guides that detail their favorite brands. We used various tools to increase the usability of the frontend and ensure it highlights the brands and products most relevant to consumers. There's even an option for companies to run promotions that directly target consumers interested in animal-friendly products.