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Physician's Computer Company

Pediatric Providers Portal
Physician's Computer Company develops software to support pediatric practices throughout the US and Europe. Their web site services as a hub for physicians to discuss how to get the most out of their products and, after feedback indicated content was getting stale and disorganized, they began looking for a new solution for managing content. Trellon partnered with PCC to create a new knowledge portal using the Drupal content management system.

PCC's Pedsource Web portal serves as a portal for discussion, distribution of information about their clinical practice software, community news and event management. Trellon worked closely with PCC on their online strategy for redeploying the Pedsource site, incorporating improvements to design, information architecture and navigation structure, user generated content strategy and event enrollment to deliver a strategic tool for maintaining their placement as a premiere provider of clinical practice solutions.

Challenge and Approach

PCC's in-house web team was tasked with migrating their existing site over to a content management system. The system had to offer the ability for users to participate in the site's mission through user generated content tools while still maintaining high standards for presentation of articles and knowledge. Additionally, the site needed to support various sales and marketing goals, such as registration for annual events and online distribution of software updates.

Trellon worked with PCC to redesign their existing site. Using the Drupal content management system, we were able to satisfy all of the company's expectations for publishing content amongst numerous audiences. Our approach centered on the organization of content, and we adopted a topic-centric approach to deploying information that allows multiple methods for cross-promotion of information through various sections of the site. Our internal design team worked closely with the organization to keep graphic design to a minimum while still reinforcing the organization's image as thought leaders in various practice areas.

Knowledge Base and Resources

A central part of our strategy for the site

Peer Networking and Collaboration

- design committees
- forums
- blogs

Event Management