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Refugees International

Organizational Web Portal
Refugees International is a preeminent organization working to marshal the responses of government, NGOs and other relief in dealing with crises throughout the world through research, advocacy, grassroots organizing and legislative action. Their web strategy, however, did not reflect the efforts of the organization as a whole or their importance in the world's humanitarian dialogue. By moving to a modern CMS, they managed to humanize their operations and give a new face to their work.

Building an organizational web site is more than just inserting some Flash and fancy graphics, it is a process of deploying the content, materials and imagery that reflects the aims and goals of the group as a whole. Along with our partners at Free Range Graphics, we constructed a strategy for the revamped Refugees International web portal that better reflected who they are by telling their story through the organization of content.

Publications, Research and Media

Refugees International generates a lot of information, and Trellon used Drupal to control the varieties of content delivered through the site. We gave geographic relevance to reports, video, and other media that groups frequently need to access to understand what is going on by organizing information around different regions of the world where people are being affected. The way information is organized in the site tells the story of what Refugees International is all about.

Targeting by the Issues

The site’s audience includes a wide variety of legislators, people in the media, international affairs professionals and members of the general public. Our team developed a strategy for targeting these groups by interest, with the use of effective visuals and categorization techniques to make information clear and easy to understand. People are lead to various sections of the site through intuitive navigation tools and strategically placed widgets that expose groups to cross sections of content they will find interesting.

Content Management Tools

Trellon’s experience with the Drupal content management system brings Refugees International’s site to life. Like most non-profits, making effective use of resources is a must. Stories, reports, multimedia, even navigation and search tools are all maintained through a web based interface. With a staff of one full time content editor and four research analysts, information is kept up to date through user-friendly tools and interactive components that allow a small team to maintain what has become a big site.