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The SF LGBT Center

Website and Community Management Portal

Project Details

SF Center is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide educational, career development and networking opportunities for its members and celebrate the history and culture of its community. They came to Trellon seeking a website redesign that would showcase resources available for the LGBT community, organize events and volunteers for SF Center programs, facilitate better communications amongst members, and integrate with mobile devices, in addition to numerous secondary goals.


The existing website was dated and not interactive. Many of the resources listed on the site were outdated and no longer useful. The organization needed tools that would keep information fresh and updated over time.

One of the key challenges was the fact SF Center operates on multiple databases. They had a resource database, a donor database, a collection of spreadsheets, and more. The website needed to be able to synchronize information with some of them, and replace others.More importantly, they needed complete information on how people interacted with the Center and it's staff. Database silos were making this impossible.

Finally, the SF GLBT Center plays an important role in the community. The redesigned site needed to reflect more than just the information it housed, it needed to project an image of openness that expresses the key values of the organization. The new site would need a modern design in keeping with the expectations of the people who come there.


Community Center: The site acts as a web-based home to the community center and the services it offers. Users are able to reserve the community center and it's resources through the site. People can rent rooms, take virtual tours, sign up to volunteer, and register for events through the website. Each user has a personalized user account and can view their commitments, registrations and reservations.

Fundraising: Raising money for SF Center is more involved than simply throwing up a donation page. In addition to traditional fundraising pages, the site features personal donation pages, allowing users to create their own giving pages. Along with other programs, this feature encourages the community to get involved and support the Center directly.

Community Listings: The site contains a wealth of resources for members of the community. Business owners are able to create and claim profiles for local businesses, and the quality of this information is kept high by requiring annual updates. The site also provides job listings, legal, community events and more.

CRM Integration: The site uses CRM Core to bridge the gap between various databases. Donor information lives in Salesforce, and CRM Core automatically synchronizes this data with the site whenever a new donation comes in.