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Stanford University

Office of International Affairs

Project Details

Stanford University's Office of International Affairs (OIA) facilitates and supports international research, programs, collaborations, and activities involving the University and its faculty, students, and other affiliates. OIA staff regularly fielded questions regarding international travel and activities on behalf of a variety of other university offices and needed a way to easily direct people to the authorities on any given topic. They came to Trellon seeking a comprehensive solution that would make it easy for them to assist their audience.


Like many large organizations, Stanford University has a number of different offices that have interrelated policymaking responsibilities. The Office of International Affairs is responsible for serving as an information gateway for policies related to international travel and activities, even when those policies are made by other offices. At the same time, OIA also realized that the greatest authorities on international activities at Stanford were not the administrators making the policies, but the faculty, students, and others who were actually engaging in those activities. OIA came to Trellon with a desite to harness that knowledge so that it could serve the Stanford community.


Trellon worked closely with OIA to refine their plans for the site. We made it easy for information to be updated and tied to offices across Stanford, so that those who were researching via the site would know who to contact for more information. We also developed a searchable, crowdsourced knowledge base that would provide tips, resources, and conditions reports from those who have traveled internationally. The result is a site that is simple to administer while seamlessly presenting information from disparate sources in a clear, easy to use format.