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Stanford University

Fellowship Database

Project Details

The Haas Center for Public Service was looking for a tool for sharing fellowship opportunities with students. After having worked with a commercial, off the shelf program for a number of years, the center needed a tool that integrates directly with their website and allows people to apply online using their university IDs. They came to Trellon looking for a way to build a database of fellowship opportunities that can be easily updated, searched, and serve as a resource for the university.


Stanford University has a broad and diverse student population with a wide variety of interests. One of the requirements was to make the system easy to search, and allow users to store fellowship opportunities that appeal to them for later review. The Haas Center is also receiving fellowships on a continual basis, many of which have strict application deadlines. The system also needed to be easy to update. and have the ability to retire expired opportunities automatically. Further, Stanford has a strong commitment to open source and Drupal. Whatever we delivered, it needed to be able to work on their internal hosting systems.


Trellon worked with the Haas Center to create a Drupal module for storing and searching fellowship opportunities. This system allows administrators to post opportunities, set application and expiration dates, and more. All opportunities are classified by a number of key terms, allowing the system to be easily searched organization, focus area, location and other factors. Users are able to log into the site to list their fellowship preferences and keep lists of the opportunities that appeal most to them.

The module we delivered is a Drupal feature, which can be installed on any Drupal website. It was designed to be kit compliant, ensuring the module would be able to be used anywhere while remaining free from conflicts with other modules. We developed the module with a unique machine name and fields that are specific to the module, ensuring that it would be portable and able to be used for other departments.

Finally, the module was designed work as part of a multisite environment. We created a number of features within the module to ensure that access to content and tools would be specific to the site it is being used on. When deploying the module, we took advantage of the existing layout of the Haas Center website, ensuring the look and feel of the module would fit in naturally to the system.