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We can help answer the hard questions.

Sometimes, technology needs to be properly evaluated before it can be used to fulfill a mission. Our team offers a range of services to help organizations maximize the value of their investment in technical solutions.


Need help articulating your goals? We are here to help. Trellon works with our clients to establish realistic goals, outline the plan for how to achieve them, and work with you to see them through to completion.

Decision Support

Our team can assist with assessing the cost and feasibility of different approaches to technology. We are well equipped to evaluate various commercial and open source platforms and can provide insights into the practicalities of working with them.

Content Strategy

Need to manage complex workflows around publication that incorporate multiple levels of review? Our team can help document that workflow and ensure your site provides the right functionality.

Social Media Strategy

One of our core competencies is establishing KPIs for social media strategy and helping organizations to measure the cost and impact of their outreach efforts.

Focus Groups

The perspectives of stakeholders are important. Trellon works with organizations to assess how well solutions meet the expectations of product owners and rank features in terms of priority and importance.

Process Documentation and Change Management

Our team can document business processes in order to align solutions with business goals and increase the efficiency of your organization.