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Social Network Integration

Social networks offer organizations a variety of ways to leverage their users to communicate your message. Delivering tools that allow information to spread through social networks in novel, thoughtful ways is one of the best uses of the Internet today.

These days, social media strategies often include integration with major social networking portals, and for good reasons. There are over 140 million users on Facebook today, and the number keeps growing. Organizations can use tools for publishing information about their activities into social network portals as a means of leveraging that user base, and do so in a highly personal way that becomes part of the user profiles within those networks.

Part of how we assist our clients with their social network strategy is by helping to define what they want to accomplish. Social networks offer the opportunity to distrbute information, drive traffic, humanize your organization, create a dialogue with specific demographic groups, and deploy creative applications that allow users to participate directly in your organizational mission. Various platforms have different capabilities, and we help organizations understand what they are and why they would want to use them. While we can easily build a Facebook Application or a MySpace page, the real challenge is to understand why you would want to and how it will benefit your organization.

Trellon delivers sophisticated solutions that integrate directly with social networks. Our services range from simple content publication strategies which can be implemented without a large investment of resources, to more advanced application development that involves collaboration tools, games and other systems for in-network interaction. We can also build original social networks using . Typically, we focus on ways of consolidating the tools used to publish information to your web site with those used to publish to social networking portals. As a service, we also offer strategy assessment, to ensure you are making the highest and best use of the tools available within various platforms and not recreating systems which already exist.

Facebook Applications and Facebook Connect

Trellon uses the Drupal content management system to build applications for Facebook. With the ability to automatically connect user accounts and content from your site to your Facebook Application, this platform offers the simplest and most flexible method for deploying applications available today.

Drupal's support for Facebook continues to evolve, and new technologies are coming online which will provide for more elaborate integration between the two platforms. Facebook Connect was recently published as a common authentication platform, meaning users who are logged into Facebook will be automatically authenticated when they come to a website that supports the technology. While this technology is not supported by Drupal just yet, Trellon is helping to lead the development in this area.

Other Social Networks

Trellon has delivered solutions for integrating with Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Technocrati, and Bebo. In general, we can build solutions to integrate with any social network that offers an API and allows communication over a REST XML interface (meaning even closed APIs like LinkedIn can be supported). We can also deliver solutions for posting information from social networks to your site programatically through web services and similar technologies.