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Strategic Consulting

Sometimes the question is not what you need to build, but why you need to build it in the first place. Trellon offers a complete range of consulting and decision support services to help organizations align their web strategy with their organization mission and values.

Before investing in a technology solution, it is worth it to verify your assumptions about a given approach to solving the business challenges that solution is meant to tackle. Often this can be done by asking the right questions and scrutinizing the proposed solution internally. When the challenge of verifying assumptions proves too challenging, or you just need another perspective, Trellon is here to help.

Trellon offers strategic consulting services to our clients to assist with making decisions about your strategic direction. Our services in this area range from simple review of technology plans for feasibility to in-depth interviews with key stakeholders to ensure all viewpoints are present in your planning. Trellon's team of internet strategists and technical experts can work with your organization to define goals, determine key metrics for evaluating success, optimize workflows and perform due diligence on a proposed solution prior to committing to a given path.

While we are an open source firm, Trellon is fully capable of providing an unbiased assessment of your organizational readiness for taking on certain challenges and recommending the right systems and processes for your environment based on time to implement, long term costs and other factors. Our team includes a diverse mix of professionals with backgrounds in politics, communications, banking, healthcare, academics, security and other professional orientations. We are sensitive to the political realities of the organizations we work with, and can act as subject matter experts to resolve conflicts where necessary.

Our strategic services typically fall into the following areas, and you are encouraged to contact Trellon to discuss you particular challenges.

Infrastructure Planning

For clients needing to build extended architectures to support their web applications, our team can construct and review technology plans for suitability and fitness of purpose.

Information Architecture Planning

For clients needing to build web applications that integrate with external systems, our team can construct detailed dataflow diagrams and other forms of visualization to ensure complete end-to-end handling of data.

Disaster Recovery

For clients with large investments in infrastructure or facing significant loss due to downtime, our team can construct detailed disaster recovery plans designed to restore services with a minimum amount of downtime.

Content Strategy

For clients with more refined communications needs, our team can perform content strategy assessments to evaluate methods for distribution and ensure the most appropriate processes and systems are in place to achieve your desired goals.

Audience Assement and Analysis

For clients looking to reach specific audiences, Trellon can conduct focus groups and interviews to determine the features which are most important to them, and construct various design implementations to verify the impact of our approach.

Competitive Feature Analysis

For clients looking to evaluate the strategies of the competition, Trellon can conduct research into existing web properties and construct a detailed analysis that explains why and how other organizations are doing things the way they are.