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Investing in a new system is a sea change for most organizations, and no one expects for everything to come together overnight. Trellon offers training to ease the burden of implementing a new system and protect the value of your investment.

Trellon's approach to training is simple. We are focused on practical training solutions tailored to the unique needs of your organization that provide the right information at the right time.

"Walk Then Run"

At Trellon, we strive to be technology partners that care about your success and understand the unique challenges you will face. "Walk Then Run" is a central component of our company philosophy and a standard service we provide as part of every project.

Simply put, it means we are there to help you every step of the way with hands-on training for how you will use your web portal. From the moment a project starts with Trellon, our team is assessing the real world conditions people will face working with the solutions we provide. Throughout the development process, our technical leads and internet strategists are working closely with client contacts, telling them about new features as they become available and providing training on how to achieve real world goals. This allows us to assess the quality of our work and ensure everyone knows how to use their site long before it is ready to be put into production. By the time we deliver a project, clients are equipped with the knowledge for how to get going full-speed using their Trellon solution - no surprises!

Need More?

When the training we provide standard as part of every project is not enough, Trellon offers training packages tailored to fit the needs of your organization. After our technology professionals have gone to the work of building your web portal, we know quite a bit about how it was designed to operate and can share that with internal teams to ensure everyone is up to speed with the technology.

Trellon Training

Our training solutions are about answers to questions, not manuals or tests. Training is available when you need it, not when a class is scheduled. We provide flexible scheduling, on-demand training options, hands-on workshops to share best practices, and other forms of training to allow us to help you start running with the technology.

Every Trellon training solution is customized to the group we are working with. We take the time up-front to understand what you hope to accomlish through training and match our learning units with your organizational needs. We follow up with your team after the fact to work on specific skill areas, through workshops and several forms of offline follow up.


Trellon offers flexibility in the format our training plans, to support the variety of ways organizations operate today.

  • Classroom based, instructor lead
  • Remote, hands-on workshops
  • Groups of up to 30 participants
  • Individual, one-to-one training options available
  • On-demand online video training modules customized to your organization available

Subject Matter

Trellon's training cirucullum is focused on a variety of skills-based topics ranging from introductory courses to more advanced, hacker-level stuff.

  • Drupal Core Configuration
  • CiviCRM Advanced Configuration
  • Drupal Theme Development
  • Drupal Custom Module Development
  • Drupal Performance Monitoring and Scalability


Trellon Training is appropriate for people at the following levels, and organizations with the following needs:

End Users

Trellon built it, here's how you use it. Our team can come in to provide personalized demonstrations of how to work with solutions for groups of up to 30 people that include detailed question and answer sessions and workshops. Need something less personal? Group sizes can increase as the level of interactivity decreases. We generally expand class sizes when more documentation is available.


Skills training on developing in Drupal, CiviCRM, and other solutions is available from Trellon through in-person or remote, on-demand training sessions. Sometimes the best way to learn a technical concept is by working with it in your own environment, and our team can support encounter-based training through direct channel support, code review and other ways of teaming developers with developers.

Systems Administrators

Our team can help you understand how to maintain an application over time, especially in a high-traffic environment. We can bring your administrators up to speed on the tools and techniques we use to montior applications, construct reports and ensure the continutity of operations in demanding environments.

IT Managers

For people who are trying to understand how to manage your investment in open source, Trellon can analyze your existing infrastructure and make recommendations on best practices for processes suited for the specific way your organization delivers content online. From this base, we can construct individual training plans designed to deliver value and minimize costs based on the realities of your organization.

Business Decision Makers

Trellon can help teams understand the way open source can be used in your operations from a strategic level through our 360 degree training and analysis packages. Your leadership team has an opportunity to explore ideas for how to leverage technology through direct question and answer sessions with our technical leads and internet strategists, while we help you evaluate the benefits relative to your current approach. While we do not always know the answer to every question, our team does have the experience to sort through the complexities of open source to determine the best response.