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Widgets are powerful tools for deploying information to the desktop and personal start pages to keep your content conspicuously present in places people see the most. Employed by nearly every major media organization as part of their Internet strategy, they offer a novel means of keeping people's attention focused on the things you want them to see the most.

Widgets are small web applications that can be deployed to personal start pages and desktops on Windows Vista and and Mac OSX. They persist between startups and operate independently of a web browser. Organizations commonly use widgets to deploy content feeding back into their main web site, including news headlines, stock prices, sports scores, video, games and interactive tools. Easy to distribute and requiring little or no maintenance, widgets are an inexpensive means to keep people's attention on your organizational mission and goals.

Trellon helps our clients to develop effective processes for using widgets as part of their overall web strategy. We combine techniques for syndicating content with our standard development practices to create highly-targeted messaging solutions that incorporate elements of other content publishing efforts. Building a simple widget can be done without too much effort, and there are a number of providers who provide automated authoring services for building widgets capable of displaying headlines and allowing users to share content amongst their friends. These types of widgets can be deployed as part of a project with only a small impact on the budget, and they can automatically integrate with other web solutions Trellon provides.

More advanced widgets require planning and creativity in order to successfully execute on the concept. Trellon has built custom widgets which allow users to carry out a diverse range of tasks, including entering time on projects, logging into sites to receive personalized content, sending and receiving personal messages, retrieving activity feeds from Drupal and social networking sites, and more. We have also built widgets for specific personalized start page portals including iGoogle, myYahoo, Netvibes, MyMSN and Pageflakes.

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